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With this construction contract where both the design and the construction of a structure are the responsibilities of the contractor, PM Construction Co. works with a variety of quality design professionals from the earliest stages of the project. We can streamline the process and eliminate pitfalls as all the designers work together as a team. This is good technique for customers who want to fast track their project with heightened project accountability and better control over risk and cost throughout the course of the planning and building process.

The process begins with an analysis of the client’s program needs and conceptual budgets. As the design progresses through design-development, budgets are refined, and the process is fine tuned. The advantages of expedited design and construction, single point responsibility, and a seamless coordination of design and construction result in a successful project.






“In dealing with contractors for over 30 years on projects of all sizes I have never worked with a more professional, honest and hard-working organization as PM Construction. They set realistic expectations, stand behind their work and consistently come in on budget and on time.”

- Deen Haleem, Owner, TIQA

“We found PM to be a great partner and they always approached tasks with a ‘what works best for the client’ mindset. Our Board of Trustees recognized this partnership and even engaged PM to do additional projects on campus. We are very pleased with our capital investment and in our relationship with PM.”

- Paul Kelly, CFO, Thornton Academy

"Our building is over ten years old and many guests who visit us for the first time think it is brand new. PM Construction did an excellent job and we have used them subsequently for other related projects. They are detail oriented and customer focused, and I would highly recommend them for your project.”

- Luke Labbe, President, PeoplesChoice Credit Union

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